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View of Ávila
The city of Ávila.

The medieval city of Ávila in central Spain is located 69 miles northwest of Madrid and lies at 1,128 meters (3,700 feet) above sea level, Spain's highest provincial capital. It was the birthplace of the famed 16th-century Spanish mystic, Saint TERESA OF AVILA. The city has a population of 75,578 (2005) and it is partially surrounded by the Río Tajo (Tagus River).

Its well preserved fortification walls built in the 12th century completely encircle the old center, while the modern part of the city has expanded outside these walls. On the east side is the fortified apse of the Cathedral (known as the Cimorro). Outside of the walls stand the Romanesque Churches of San Vicente and San Pedro

In 1985, Ávila was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Walls (Las Murallas).
The construction of the walls began in the year 1090, and it is said that it took 2,000 men 9 years to complete. The walls (Las Murallas) are 2,526 meters (1.57 miles) in lenght and consist of 88 towers and nine entrance gates. The average height is 12 meters.

Visiting Times:
April-October: From 10:00 am to 20:00 pm.
November-March: From 10:00 am to 18:00 pm.
Mondays closed.

Access fees: 3.50 Euros.

Phone: (+34) 920 255 088

The best place to begin an exploration of the city on foot is the Plaza de Santa Teresa opposite to the Puerta del Alcázar.

Visiting Ávila. How to Get to Ávila.

You can get to Ávila from Madrid either by train or bus. The Cercanías Train departing from Atocha station takes about 2 hours to arrive at Ávila, and a return ticket costs 11.30 Euros. Ávila's train station is located to the east of the city walls about 15 minutes away walking. The bus from Madrid to Ávila is taken at the Estación Sur de Autobuses (Metro Méndez Álvaro).

Tourist Information Office
Avenida de Madrid, 39.
Phone: (+34) 902 102 121

Photos of Ávila.

Ávila Accommodation, Lodging, Hotels, and Hostels. Where to Sleep.

Hotel Palacio Valderrábanos **** - Plaza de la Catedral, 9. - Inside the city walls next to the Cathedral.

Hotel El Rastro *** - Calle Cepedas, s/n. - Inside the city walls.

Hotel Cuatro Postes *** - Ctra. Salamanca, 23. - Outside the wall perimeter with great views of the city.

Hotel Las Moradas *** - Calle Alemania, 5. - Near the Cathedral.

Hotel Las Murallas ** - Calle Ronda Vieja, s/n. - Next to the city walls off San Vicente Church.

Hotel Rey Niño ** - Plaza José Tomé, 1. - Near the Cathedral.

Hotel Arco de San Vicente ** - Calle López Núñez, 6. - Inside the city walls.

Hostal Bellas - Calle Caballeros, 19. - Cheap accommodation inside the city walls.

Hostal San Juan - Calle Comuneros de Castilla, 3. - Inside the city walls.

Hostal San Segundo - Calle San Segundo, 16. - Next to the Cathedral.

Hostal Las Cancelas - Calle Cruz Vieja, 6. - Inside the city walls next to the Cathedral.

Hostal El Rincón - Plaza de Zurraquín, 3 y 4. - Cheap accommodation inside the city walls.

Hostal Puerta del Alcázar - Calle San Segundo, 38. - Next to the Cathedral.

Ávila Restaurants. Where to Eat.

Restaurante Las Murallas - Plaza San Vicente, 3. - Next to the city walls off San Vicente Church.

Restaurante Barbacana - Plaza de Santa Teresa, 8. - Next to the walls.

Restaurante Casa de Postas - Calle San Segundo, 40. - Next to the walls.

Restaurante Siglo Doce - Plaza de la Catedral, 6. - Inside the city walls next to the Cathedral.

Restaurante Reyes Católicos - Calle Reyes Católicos, 6. - Inside the city walls.

Tres Siglos - Comuneros de Castilla, 11 y Erique Larreta, 7. - Inside the city walls.

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